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Applying for jobs abroad? How do you land your dream job? Even though it is better to have 100% of the requirements, you should ensure that you meet at least 90% because most employers require that the people they will consider  should have at least some level of requirements particularly if they have to bring you over from across the globe.  I have highlighted some of the things that need to be done to assist you in finding that job you are looking for.


What is a cover letter? A cover letter is a document sent with your CV as a front cover.  It is a written summary of your skills and experience.  When writing your cover letter, make sure that you qualify your skills with most the words in the advertisement.  Always highlight how you have experience in the areas that the employer is looking for.  Make sure that the first sentence is captivating because it takes the person shortlisting a few seconds on your cover letter to determine whether or not they should bother to read your CV.

Make sure that you research the company you are applying.  It will look unprofessional and incompetent not knowing as much as you should about the company you have applied to.  When you do your research on the company, it shows that you are really interested in the job.  Hypothetically speaking, two skilled candidates who have what the employer is looking for, one has done their homework and the other is speculative, who do you think gives you a higher chance of getting the job?

Apply directly to the companies or through agencies.

Most times when you are applying for a job whether locally or internationally, it is advisable to find a recruitment agency who can help you to fast track your search.  The first thing to do is to outline the position you are looking for, the salary you are will to accept, level and the kind of organisation you are willing to work with.  The advantage of using a recruitment agency is that, they know the market, probably have a client lined up who is looking for someone with your skills set.  Not only that, they are skilled at what they do, they know what employers are looking for and they have the skills to help match you with the right job.  This means at no cost to you, they have the ability to take away all the stress of looking for jobs in an unknown territory.

I am not saying that you cannot find jobs on your own particularly these days that almost everything is done online, but it is much easy for the recruitment agencies who have so many years of experience at matching candidates with the right jobs and employers to do the job for you.  Recruitment agencies will tell you outright if they can help you or not.  They can also advice you on what to do in order to better equip yourself with the skills needed by employers.

If you however prefer to apply directly to the employers, then, register with a job board and sign up for their job alerts specifying what you are looking for.  You can also register on the company website and apply directly.   All you need to do is to familiarise yourself with how to apply for jobs online, the processes of interviewing online and make sure that you learn how to use the tools needed for online interview such ask skype, zoom, google meetings etc.  

Bear in mind that, when you are interviewing for a job online, you need to present yourself the same way you would if you are going for a face to face interview.  Dress well for the occasion and I cannot over-emphasise the importance of preparation.  You need to practice and practice until you are confident that you can make an impression that will make the employer to consider you as a potential candidate.

You can also find relevant online forum where you can meet people who are also looking for international jobs  or those who have successfully found employment abroad.  Make friends with them; ask questions and directions until you get the information that will direct you on what to do.

Be relentless, because when you persevere, you will succeed.


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