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How to prepare well for interviews particularly if the job is across the ocean.  Here are some best interview techniques to help you get started on landing your dream job.  We have to admit that attending an interview might be a little bit daunting. With the fierce competition out there, you need to up your game when are looking for a job. This is why it is extremely important to prepare yourself beforehand and make sure that you are calm. Keep your nerves under control because worrying will not help you; it will make you look weak. All you need to do is to be well prepared and the nerves will go away.  These are some of the tips to help you get things under control:

  • Channel your energy on the things you can control.  The employer’s objective is to find the right candidate, they are  looking for someone that can fit into their organisation.  The person interviewing you is trained to put you at ease so that they can get the best out of you.  Trust me, your ability to prove what you can bring to the table is what the person interviewing you is looking for.

  • Practice, practice and more practice. Even if you are really good at what you do, without enough practice, you may not perform well at the interview.  There are some people who are not even fit for the job, but because they practice well enough, they got the job.  That is why most times the untrained interviewer might fall into the trap of the people who really do not have the skills, but because they practice how to perform at interviews, they excelled better than those without practice but more skills.  These days, we have lots of information to access at a click of a mouse, make sure that you belief in yourself and build on your mental strength.  Avoid any side distractions and focus on what you have to bring to the table.  When you well for an interview, it gives you the ability to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

  • Get rid of stressful situation, do whatever it is that calms your nerves.  If it is music, yoga, meditation, chatting with someone that brings out the best in you,
    anything to get rid of the stress, do it. 

  • Smile during the interview and when you are not clear on a question, do not be afraid to ask for clarification.  Have you heard of the saying: First impression counts a lot? Make sure that you walk into the interview looking confident bur not cocky.  Bear in mind that all the interviewer is interested  is to determine whether or not you have the skills to do the job.  Once that is determined, the next thing they will try to sell their company to you.  So instead worrying yourself and making yourself to look incompetent, go into the interview with the determination to demonstrate your worth.

  • Depending on the job you are applying to, dress to fit the occasion.  Dress well, make sure that you pick out the best clothing that will make you look professional and fit for the job.  If you are applying for the job of a carpenter, your dressing will be different from someone applying for an office job.  What I always advice is to look on the website or go to their blog page to see if you can have an idea of company’s dress code.  American dressing is far different from UK and Irish professional dressing,  If you are an international candidate it will be wise to bear that in mind.

  • Be kind to yourself, concentrate on what the interviewer is asking for, listen to every question attentively and like I said earlier on, if you are not clear on any question, do not be afraid ask for clarification.  If you made a mistake or answered a question wrongly, make up for it by making sure that you recover your grounds by performing better on the next question.  A well trained interviewer will be able to recognised a skilled person who made a mistake out of nerves.  You will have enough time to overcome any slip-ups and prove your worth

 Good luck with your search


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